School Newsletter

Date: 18th July 2014

Dear Parents/Carers,

Well that’s it – what a year.  Since the very first day, it has been an incredible journey and one that I have loved every minute of…nearly every minute of, (I’m still not entirely sure about recorder practice, but they are winning me around!)  I feel privileged to be here and so proud of how far the school has come.  In September, when OFSTED came, the judgement was ‘Requires Improvement’.  I think the whole school and community have responded brilliantly and should be extremely proud of how far we have come, in such a short time.  The children have worked incredibly hard and the support we have received from the parents has been so important.  The Governors have sacrificed a huge amount of their time to train for their various roles and the staff have been amazing.  I often tease them (alright, mostly Beth) in the newsletter, but they have given everything this year and they are the key reason we have turned this school around.  They are very dedicated and extremely hard working people, who are so good at their jobs.   Our children, and I, are very lucky to have them.  There are moments when Beth and Susanne can come in for a bit of a hard time from me, but goodness knows what I would do without them.  They, and Mrs Hayward, are the people who keep this place functioning, while I look at the view and drink tea.

A good example of how things have moved on can be seen through our Year 6 SATs results. This year, we had 100% achieving Level 4 + in Reading, Writing and Maths (which is up hugely on last year) and 77% achieve L5 in Reading and Maths.  The national average is roughly 40% reaching L5.  These are some of the best results this school has ever had.

I know things are not perfect and there are elements we need to improve on next year, but we will get there.  I have no doubt about it. 

There seem to have been so many high points over the course of the year, far too many to mention.  Just recently we have had our school fayre, which was so much fun (the FWSA have my total gratitude and respect for this), while the Leavers’ Production on Wednesday was an absolute stunner.  The singing and acting was really exceptional and genuinely funny.   I loved some of Year 3/4’s Andrew Goldsworthy inspired creations (art out of nature), although I still think that Miss Madges ‘Daffodils in Sunset’ looked more like ‘Brown twig on a sea of brown twigs’.  The writing that Year 1/2 have produced has been exceptional, watching it develop week on week, has been a real joy.  My office is now covered in art work from Reception, which makes it a lot brighter.  Although, anyone who has seen my office, knows it does not need to become any ‘busier’.  (They’ve taken to sneaking up to my room, giving me things they are not meant to, and scurrying back before Mrs Yandall and Mrs Hayward can stop them).  It is things like this, that make it a pleasure to work here.

So we say, ‘Good-by’ to the Year 6s (as well as Em and Isla in Year 2) and send them on the next stage of their lives with all our love.  They are a great mixture of fun and hard work, which is a tricky balance to achieve.  I wonder who’s achievements we will read about in the papers, or who I may bump into again and have to call ‘boss’.

Congratulations to Scarlett and Amelie  and Isla who have already won their first houses badges for earning 5 Conduct Marks.  In three weeks that is a superb effort.  What a great start to their lives in Griffins and Dragons.

A final plea.  After two weeks of not working, children can start to academically regress.  This is why they sometimes come back to school, in September, not quite able to do the things they could in July.  If you can get them to read (they have all been told about the Library challenge in assembly on Wednesday), if you can help them to practise their maths or get them to do the odd bit of writing (such as diary entries), it will make such a difference.  It is fine if they do not get better at things, we just do not want them to go backwards.  Using the BBC website ‘Bitesize’ or following the links on Woodlands Primary School homepage, may be a good starting point.

Have a wonderfully holiday.  Play safely and take care.  I can’t wait to see you all back safe and well in September, refreshed and raring to go. 

Mr Tucker



See you Tuesday 2nd September




Following the successful taster session for ’Wake n Shake’ we are pleased to be able to offer this service for the whole of term 1 starting on Tuesday 2nd September.  The session will run from 8.00am-8.40am, Monday to Friday at a cost of £3.00 per session.

There will also be ‘Play Active’ sessions running from 3.15pm-5.00pm, Monday to Friday at a cost of £6.50 per session.  These sessions are based more around fun and games rather than competitive sport.

Booking forms will be forwarded to you during the Summer holidays.  If you would like to use either of the services in the first week of term please email the school with your requirements so that we can make arrangements for the first day of term.

We hope that you will be able to make use of this provision.



There are still outstanding payments for school dinners, clubs and trips on Parentpay. Please can you ensure they are paid as soon as possible so that we can close the school accounts. Thank you.



Music lessons will commence w/c 15th September. Guitar lessons will be on Monday, flute and recorders will be on Tuesday.



There will be a catch up session for guitar in the first week of the Autumn term. We will advise which day when school recommences.



The timetable for the Autumn Term will be sent home shortly. This term all clubs will be payable via Parentpay, this includes Premier Sports Clubs. Please talk to your child(ren) about their choice of club and the importance of making a commitment to attend it for the duration of the term. Clubs will start w/c 8th September and therefore we would ask that you make your applications and payments by Wednesday 3rd September so that club lists can be completed in good time. After this date the next opportunity to join clubs will be October half term.



As you may know from September all Reception, Year 1and 2 children will receive free school meals as a result of new legislation. Your child will order their meals in the usual way, it is not necessary to notify us separately.



Children under the age of 5 receive free milk every day during their morning break. If your child is over 5 but you would like them to receive milk in school, the cost is £1.25 a week and it is ordered by you phoning the School Milk Services, tel: 01934 510950.



There will be no fruit delivery until Wednesday 3rd September. Please send your child to school with a healthy snack on Tuesday 2nd September.



There is a considerable amount of lost property found at school that is not named. Please can you ensure your child’s clothing has a name tag in, so it can be easily returned to them. Thank you.



There will be a Chewits Sports Course run at Wraxall Primary School during the summer holidays. It will be available for boys and girls aged between 5 and 12. There will be a variety of sport activities for the children to participate in; Thursdays will be an opportunity for children to develop fresh skills and play games, whilst Fridays will consist of multi sports and games, plus a water fight! Sessions will run from 09.30 to 15.30, the cost is £9.95 per child per day and there’s a sibling rate of £15.95 for two children. If you would like more information please call 07772 268 554 or visit



Sunday 20th July 9:30 - All Together In Church (ATIC) with Communion, Wraxall Church
Family friendly service - all welcome.

Saturday 4th October 19:00 to 22:30 - Parish Harvest Barn Dance, Failand Village Hall
Tickets held at 2013 prices!
Adults £6, children £3, family £15
Including supper. On sale now.



There are Family Day tickets available from First Bus. These allow up to 5 people (maximum of 2 adults) to travel all day in the specified area. For secondary school children, up to 15 inclusive, five could travel together all day for the cost detailed below.

There are other family day tickets available in the area as follows:
·        Bath City Zone - £8
·        Bristol Inner Zone - £8
·        Bristol Inner and Outer Zone - £12 (available from 28 July)
·        Weston-super-Mare Town Zone - £7.40
·        West of England Zone - £14
·        West of England Plus Zone - £20
Details of the various zones can be found at -


Swimming Lessons

If you are interested in swimming lessons for your child(ren), a lady called Esther Swanton is offering them at a new and exclusive venue in Wraxall. Esther is a fully qualified ASA and swimming teacher with over 17 years of experience in teaching children of all ages and abilities. For further information please do not hesitate to contact her on 07516 321808 or