All Saints' Church, Wraxall

All Saints’ Church and Wraxall School – Welcome!

It is wonderful to be part of the close link between All Saints’ Church and Wraxall School. From school you can see church and from church you can see school and that feels very comfortable. The school uses the church car park and each morning many of the children make their way to school through the churchyard and when anyone is working in the office at the Cross Tree Centre there are often waves exchanged. It’s also a convenient toilet stop!

Every Monday morning I lead collective worship in the school hall as we explore together the Christian value of the term through stories, songs and prayers In the summer term of 2019 we opened a ‘Quiet Space’ held in the hub (library) on a Monday lunchtime from 12.30 for KS2 staffed by myself and a parent. We hope this will continue this year as it proved a popular opportunity for some pupils responding to a definite need. I’m often at the school gate one morning a week meeting and greeting.

Each term there are opportunities for the whole school or classes to come to church to explore aspects of the Christian year or to explore further ideas from the RE course. This is planned with class teachers and the RE coordinator. We begin the year with the Welcome service and end with the Leavers service. The school Christmas production at church is always a wonderful start to our Christmas festivities. The church also works closely with the FWSA to enable some of the events they organise to be held in the Cross Tree Centre and the FWSA are always invited to have a fundraising stall at the church fairs.

We run Crossta Coffee every Monday morning 8.30 -10am where parents, grandparents and toddlers can meet in the Cross Tree Centre after dropping off their children for drinks, biscuits and a catch up. Once a month Food@4.30 is held in the Rectory or Cross Tree Centre where children come together to explore stories from the Bible through words, songs, crafts and of course food. We have an All Together In Church (ATIC) service on the first and third Sundays of each month at 10am which are lively services for all ages and stages.  All details are on the church website and everyone is welcome.

We hope that all of these opportunities help to build relationship, encourage community and give opportunities for pastoral care to be offered to parents, pupils and staff if required. We also want to be an encouraging and useful resource for staff, pupils and parents as we work together to equip our amazing children for the future. What a privilege.


Fran Binding (Rector Parish of Wraxall with Failand)