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Letters from School
3rd April 2020
Dear Parents/carers,
Thank you!
Well, as we reach the end of our fourth term of the year it has had nothing short of an unprecedented ending.
I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their support over the previous weeks. The children have taken the changes in their stride and were very sensible in their questions about our temporary closure. Thank you for your patience as parents too, as we updated you on information as and when we received it. Your support as ever is very much appreciated.
The school staff have been amazing in terms of their flexibility to offer support to the small numbers of children of key workers and our vulnerable children who are still attending school. This is alongside managing their own needs and those of their families in this challenging time. They also rose to the challenge of preparing the children for the school's temporary closure and ensuring that the learning packs were all ready for them to take home.
Moving forwards...
The next two weeks are the Easter Holidays and as such there will be no work planned for the children during this period. There are some ideas and links on the newsletter and there may be some ideas emailed to you for free time activities if you would find them helpful but it is a fortnight of free time where the children and yourselves can enjoy not having to follow a school routine. Enjoy it! 
I would ask that you don't email any school staff during these two weeks. Although the school is open for the children of key workers who have no other alternative for childcare we would ask that you don't email the teachers as they have been asked not to check their emails during this time so that they can have a much needed break when not in school.
Should you have any urgent concerns then please email the school office or if it is a safeguarding concern then please contact flax bourton school by telephone on 01275 464468 or email the school office. If it is urgent then please contact

Designated Officer for Allegations (DOFA) 01275 888808 (weekdays 8.45am-5pm or 4.30pm on Friday)

Emergency Duty Team 01454 615165 (outside office hours)

Anyone can refer a safeguarding issue via the NSSCB website (North Somerset Safeguarding Children Board).

The next set of home learning will be sent to you by email on Friday 17th April ready for the week beginning Monday 20th April. 
Home learning for next term will follow a consistent approach across all schools in our Multi Academy Trust. There will be an English and Maths activity for each day and then a selection of 8 activities for the week which the children can choose from. They are not expected to complete all 8 but choose those that are of most interest to them and which are accessible for them with the resources available. These will be fun activities ranging from DT, art, PE, science, history, etc. There is no expectation that all the activities are completed, as we appreciate that these are unprecedented times and you may be caring for unwell people within your home and/or working from home. Anything that you can do to support your child and help them to maintain their learning is great. It will make the transition back into our normal school routine more manageable for them. The most important learning is to keep practising their reading and phonics throughout the week and their maths fluency too.
Attached are some documents that help to explain the expectations for home learning and answer some of your FAQs. They may also support you with home learning strategies and have some tips for keeping safe online when remote home learning.
Later today the weekly newsletter will be sent out too. So please read it for some updates and further useful links and ideas.
Take care and stay safe
Amy Townsend
Useful Links and Documents

 North Somerset Music Services resources

The North Somerset Music Department are currently developing a suite of materials, resources, guidance and online learning tools for instrumental and vocal pupils to use during the period of school closures.  If your child currently has music lessons in school please check their website regularly so they can access the resources available. The North Somerset Music Department website is:

Miss Townsend's Challenges and Competitions

Miss Townsend’s Challenge 3 - Friday 1st May 2020

Wildlife from my Window

During the current lockdown we cannot get out and about in nature quite as much as we normally would, but there is still lots to see from your window or your garden if you have one. I’ve spotted pigeons, blue tits and even a seagull from my window! I can also see a huge sycamore tree, daisies and dandelions.

This week I challenge you to find a way of representing the range of wildlife (animals and/or plants) that you can spot from your window or garden. This could be through a poster, photographs, Lego models, construction, a tally chart, a written report, paintings, sketch, etc. You choose the way that you would most enjoy!

Photos or scans of these should be sent into the school office by Wednesday 13th May 2020. They will be published in the school newsletter and also appear on the website at a later date.

I look forward to seeing all the amazing wildlife that you have spotted!

Tues 14.4.2020 
Dear All,
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, all be it a slightly different Bank Holiday.
I have two art challenges which all children are invited to take part in. This isn't a homework task, but an optional activity if you are looking for something creative to work on! The artwork will eventually be displayed on the school website. Photos of the artwork should be sent to by Friday 24th April.
Challenge One - Portrait Gallery
I am looking for an image of each member of staff at Wraxall. These could be painted, sketched, printed, computer generated, sculptures, pastel pictures, etc. You don't need to create one for every member of staff but may choose to try and create one or two!
Challenge Two - Sharing a Value
Create a piece of artwork to represent one of the school values. Again this could be a sketch, pastel picture, painting, photograph, sculpture. The school values are compassion, responsibility, respect, perseverance, honesty, friendship and courage.
Be creative, have fun and keep safe! 
I'm really looking forward to seeing your creativity and imagination. Great stuff!
Take care,
Miss Townsend