The school provides the children with a broad and balanced curriculum through the subjects of the National Curriculum.  This is achieved through a careful balance of traditional and modern teaching strategies and learning styles.  Through careful planning and individual pupil assessment our experienced teaching staff are able to match classroom activities to the needs and abilities of each child.

Curriculum Organisation

Religious Education (following the North Somerset Agreed Syllabus), the twelve subjects of the National Curriculum, and Personal, Health, Moral and Social Education are addressed throughout a two year cycle of termly themes or topics.

Topics are cross-curricular, and draw together related elements from the whole subject range.  As the children progress through the junior phase, topics become increasingly subject focused, and provide the opportunity to work in greater depth and detail.

Children are grouped in four mixed-age classes as follows:

Early Years Foundation Stage - Reception class

Key Stage 1 - Years 1 & 2

Lower Key Stage 2 - Years 3 & 4

Upper Key Stage 2 - Years 5 & 6

All classes receive additional learning support from qualified Teaching Assistants.

Under the terms of the 1988 Education Reform Act the National Curriculum represents a basic entitlement for all pupils irrespective of gender or ability.

The school aims to works as a partnership between the classroom and home and parents are very much encouraged to take a specific interest and play an active part in every aspect of school life. 

More details about the National School Curriculum can be found on the following website:



Below are documents that will help you understand what key concepts are taught from Year 1 through to Year 6 and how they develop along the way.