Health and Wellbeing Week 2020

Health and Wellbeing Week 2020
Welcome to our 'Health and Wellbeing Week 2020'. 
We had such a lovely Health and Wellbeing Week last year it seemed a shame to miss out this year.  Although it might look a little different we bring you ‘Health and Wellbeing Week 2020’...
We know that everyone’s personal situation is different so any involvement that you can have is appreciated.
This week we are having a change from the usual home learning week. There will still be English and Maths work planned but it will link to Health and Wellbeing. Everyone can use the same resources, but you will produce different products.
There will be lots of links and ideas for music and singing activities, art tutorials, museums and art galleries that you can visit virtually, exercise videos, art and craft, mindfulness, e-safety ideas and healthy eating challenges too. CHECK OUT THE POWERPOINT BELOW FOR LOTS OF EXCITING HEALTH AND WELLBEING ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES!
To top it all off we will be inviting you to take place in our virtual sports day challenge. You can do this at anytime during the week and then send in your results and photographs by Friday lunchtime.
We hope you enjoy the week!
Remember to check with an adult before taking part.
Remember to ask an adult for help.
•Remember to use equipment that is safe for the space that you are working in –this will depend on whether you are indoors or outside.
•Remember to warm up properly before taking part in the activities.
•If you haven’t got a ball used two socks rolled up and made into a ball. The equipment should be fairly accessible for all – you could use plastic bottles, toilet roll tubes or something similar for markers if you haven’t got cones at home.
Photos from our Wraxall families and Team Wraxall of Health and Wellbeing Week @ home!