House System

The guidance below is designed to exemplify how house badges are awarded and how many conduct marks are needed to reach each star badge.
House shield badges are awarded when a child earns 5 conduct marks and then for every multiple of five thereafter.  The badge is worn for two weeks and then returned.
Star badges are awarded for the following number of conduct marks:
Bronze star = 15 conduct marks
Silver star = 30 conduct marks
Gold star = 45 conduct marks
Platinum badge = 60 conduct marks
Emerald, Diamond, Ruby and Sapphire are coming on line in the new year!
At the beginning of each academic year, children will start on whichever star badge they finished the previous year on.
Children keep their final star badges for ever.  However, if they earn the next star up, they will give in their old star and be awarded a new one.
If a child loses their badge, they can buy a replacement for £2.30.