Our school like many in the local area is part of the Lighthouse Partnership which has polices that apply to schools in it's trust. Overtime all statutory school polices will be trust wide.  If you would like to refer to these policies please click this link The Lighthouse Partnership Policies
Wraxall C of E School Policies
Until all school policies do become trust wide there are still some that currently remain specific to Wraxall C of E  school. These can be referred to below.
Attendance Policy (2018)
As part of the Lighthouse Schools Partnership (LSP), Wraxall CofE Primary School operates in line with the LSP-wide Attendance Policy, which applies to all LSP schools.  This policy should be accessed through the LSP website.
The revised Safeguarding Policy Summary (November 2018) represents the ongoing work Wraxall school does to keep children safe. Parents should note that this policy has been reviewed and updated regularly in light of new legislation and both Governors and Staff have regular training updates to ensure their knowledge and skills are highly proficient. Safeguarding is a standing agenda item at each Full Governing Body Meeting and also the Governor's Teaching and Learning Committee meetings.