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Art Challenges 1 and 2

Art Challenges - 'Portrait Gallery' and 'Sharing a Value' - Be creative, have fun and keep safe! I'm really looking forward to seeing your creativity and imagination. Read on below...

Tues 14.4.2020 

Dear All,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, all be it a slightly different Bank Holiday.

I have two art challenges which all children are invited to take part in. This isn't a homework task, but an optional activity if you are looking for something creative to work on! The artwork will eventually be displayed on the school website. Photos of the artwork should be sent to by Friday 24th April.

Challenge One - Portrait Gallery

I am looking for an image of each member of staff at Wraxall. These could be painted, sketched, printed, computer generated, sculptures, pastel pictures, etc. You don't need to create one for every member of staff but may choose to try and create one or two!

Challenge Two - Sharing a Value

Create a piece of artwork to represent one of the school values. Again this could be a sketch, pastel picture, painting, photograph, sculpture. The school values are compassion, responsibility, respect, perseverance, honesty, friendship and courage.

Be creative, have fun and keep safe! 

I'm really looking forward to seeing your creativity and imagination. Great stuff!

Take care,

Miss Townsend