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Message for the Wraxall Children from Miss T

A message for all the Wraxall children from Miss T to say how proud I am of our Wraxall children and to let you know that Team Wraxall are missing you all. Read on below...

Monday 27th April 2020

Dear All the Wraxall Primary Children,

Miss Townsend here! It is just a quick letter to say how proud I am of all of you. You are working so hard with your school work. I know it might feel very different to what it is like when you work in school but you are doing brilliantly. It might be tricky sometimes as you might have to do more work by yourselves if your parents are working or looking after vulnerable people. You can do it! Remember our school values and keep persevering! #

I have seen lots of the work and pictures that you have been sending in to your teachers. You are such a creative lot! I expect no less of you though – I know what a special group of children we have at Wraxall. Keep putting in lots of effort and doing your best. Your teachers and I are really proud of you. Ask your parents to send in pictures of some of the things that you have been busy doing at home. If they send them to the office then I can see them too and send them a message.

We are all missing you lots. It isn’t the same without your smiling faces around the school building, your brilliant jokes and your offers of “Have you got any jobs that we can do?” I am sending a newsletter every week to your parents, so ask them to show you the parts of it that are for the children. There are some nice photographs of some of the things that I have spotted while at Flax Bourton School. Your teacher will be phoning your parents over the next couple of weeks and there will also be some time for them to talk to you too. Have a think if there are any messages that you want to share with them.

I am sending out challenges and competitions for you to have a go at every couple of weeks which you might like to try. You don’t have to – I know that you will be busy and there might not be time. If you want to send in any pictures or messages to share on the newsletter then please ask your parents to email them to the school office. It will help to cheer everyone up to hear from you!

I am looking forward to seeing you all again at Wraxall School. Just remember you are all amazing and your positive attitudes always impress me so much. Take care and keep safe, Miss Townsend