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Wraxall's Amazon Wishlist

If you would like to donate an item to our school please use the link in the quicklink icon at the top of the webpage.

Based on parental feedback asking for specific support that parents can offer the school, we have set up a school Amazon Wishlist. This provides another opportunity for you to support the school and your child’s learning should you choose. This has a range of items that the school would like to purchase to enhance the provision for our children. Some of these items will enhance play opportunities while others are essential pieces that will support our learning provision. There are also some items that will enhance the Christmas celebrations over the coming weeks with craft resources, display pieces, lighting etc. There are also items across a range of prices.

There is no expectation from us, as a school, that families will buy anything from the list. We appreciate that the Christmas period in particular can be a costly time for families and there is no pressure to purchase items for school. The list is available should families be in a position and choose to donate items to the school. We do not receive information about who has purchased the items, unless you include a message alongside this.