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‘Behaviour for Growth’ System

We are really pleased to announce the launch of our new behaviour system at Wraxall. In line with our school vision and values, we are calling this system ‘Behaviour for Growth’ as we believe that by encouraging and praising the children’s demonstration of the school values, we are helping both the individuals and the whole school to grow and flourish.

We have some exciting incentives and rewards to recognise the effort, hard work and values that the children are displaying in school. These have been shared with the children today and have already received a very positive response. Set out below is the criteria for achieving the different rewards. They are very much in line with our eco-schools and global goals initiatives and also reflect the children’s love and enthusiasm for outdoor learning.

There are opportunities built into the system to recognise both individual and collective achievements with rewards for individual children, classes and the whole school.

The Behaviour Policy can be accessed below or on the policies page of the website.

Some of the funds raised with our Race to the North Pole Sponsorship event will be used to pay for some of the provision and opportunities that the children will be rewarded with during their whole school outdoor learning afternoon.

Please spend time talking to your child about the ‘Behaviours for Growth’ and the type of words and actions that would help them demonstrate these values and behaviours.

‘Behaviour for Growth’ – Behaviour System

The ‘Behaviours for Growth’ that we expect the children to demonstrate are:

  • Demonstrate compassion in all that they do and say
  • Persevere and work to the best of their abilities and allow others to do the same
  • Treat others with respect and take care of property and the environment in and out of school
  • Listen and follow the instructions of the school staff and adults working with them
  • Have the courage to be honest and take responsibility for their actions and words
  • Co-operate with other children and adults and demonstrate the qualities of a good friend


Individual achievements – rewards

10 seeds, across all the values (at least 1 of each value) = a plant pot and seeds to take home

20 seeds, across all the values (at least 2 of each value) = a garden badge

30 seeds, across all the values (at least 3 of each value) = taking the Gromit Gardening trophy home for a week, photo on the Behaviour for Growth display and a special ‘Values Gardener’ badge, plus membership to the Values Gardeners group with the child having additional opportunities to take part in regular gardening in school. The Gromit that we are using is a small replica of the Gromit that was based at Tyntesfield, Wraxall.

Class achievements – rewards

10 seeds for a value from across the class = putting a large seed in the whole school plant pot

Whole school achievements – rewards

10 seeds, across all the values = a whole school reward of an afternoon of outdoor enrichment


We believe that by relaunching the behaviour system and replacing the work and conduct marks with the new incentives the children will be really enthused and engaged in making our school the best place possible. They are fantastic children and I am sure will love the opportunities to be celebrated for demonstrating the values.



At Wraxall we will not tolerate bullying of any kind. We work closely as a community to ensure that negative behaviours are quickly addressed. Please read our Anti-Bullying Policy for further information.

If you are concerned about your child then please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher in the first instance.