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We show compassion in all that we do and say.

“Love your neighbour as yourself” Mark 12:30

Bible Story – The Kind Stranger ‘The Good Samaritan’

‘My neighbour is anyone who needs help’. We should care for everyone no matter who they are.

At Wraxall we show compassion in all that we say and do. It is our overarching value and runs through all the decisions and choices that we make. 

Our school community show compassion in the kind words and messages that they share with the school and in the way that they act towards others.

We asked the children to share something that they do to show compassion...

"Compassion is when someone is nice to someone else. Compassion is a seed that you can say to someone and it can travel further than you think. Compassion is a little thing you can say and it can make someone very happy."

"I am kind to other people when people are sad. When people are on the friendship bench I will play with them."

"When people are hurt I will help them up."

"Always play with someone if they are alone"

"Smile to everyone"

"Look after friends and family!"

"I show compassion to my younger brother by being kind to him."