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Picture a school that understands how we are living in a digitally enabled world where technology is increasingly part of our society. Picture a school where technology is taught to support both teaching and learning. Picture a school where children are taught to feel confident in accessing new ideas and technologies, whilst learning how to apply these safely in their lives.

At Wraxall we have a passion for teaching to include technology. This enables our teachers to deliver lessons in a fun, interactive and stimulating way. We teach computing in both a discreet and cross- curricula approach, empowering our children to appreciate the positive impact technology can have to give them greater control of their education.

Although we are a small school, Wraxall is fortunate to own a variety of digital learning tools to support education across the curriculum. Lessons are taught using a range of computing schemes that implement a progression of skills and knowledge through five specific areas-

  • Programming
  • Handling Data
  • Technology in our lives
  • online safety
  • Multimedia

Funding contributions received through our PTA (Friends of Wraxall School Association) and parental contributions enable us to purchase the right tools to help us to explore the benefits that technology can bring.

Long Term Plan