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Ethos Committee

How are the children involved?

  • Another perspective - The children provide a vital perspective as we seek to make our school vision, values and ethos clear and accessible for all. The children make great suggestions about ways to share this with others.
  • Check understanding - The children are able to explain different values really clearly and make links with their own experiences. We check with our committee that they have understood a story that has demonstrated a particular value or can talk about our vision confidently. 
  • Involved in decisions - The Ethos committee helped determine the symbols and pictures that would represent each of our school values. They make decisions about the Bible texts and stories that we might use to reflect our values.

  • Find values in school - The children were set the challenge of finding all the places in school where our values were displayed. They did amazingly well and even spotted some that the staff had forgotten!
  • Artwork and displays - The Ethos committee complete artwork linked to our vision and values and this is displayed in school. They are also working on a piece of artwork to represent our Bible story focus of 'The Parable of the Sower' which is central to our vision, values and ethos. Watch this space to see their amazing frieze.
  • Collective worship – The Ethos committee will be leading Collective Worship once a month linked to the focus value of the term. The children regularly lead prayer and reflection at the end of Collective Worship and they also complete evaluation forms on other adults' Collective Worships too.

The children's comments...

If we were seeds what would the really good soil be?

“The school”

“We grow in the school and then move into other compost, which is secondary school”

What does Ethos mean?

 “Being yourself”

“Who we are and what we’re all about”

“Being a school and making it better”

“The Values Champions are helping the school to grow”