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Picture a school where all children are confident mathematicians, where patient encouragement and support is given to those who need it most and where high flyers are constantly challenged and stretched.

We follow the maths mastery ethos – we firmly believe that every child can be successful in maths. Some will have to work harder, some will take longer to understand concepts and some will need more frequent repetition and reinforcement, but all will know that they can achieve in maths. Our children work hard to develop their mathematical skills, knowledge, vocabulary and confidence and benefit from regularly revisiting and refreshing mathematical concepts. Our teaching is based on the excellent resources produced by the White Rose maths hub, supplemented by high-quality materials such as those from Power Maths and nrich. Our maths lead is a nationally-trained Primary Maths Specialist who not only leads us in developing our own expertise but also supports other schools in our region to develop maths in their own schools.

We use manipulatives from counters to place value sliders, tens frames to rekenreks, to expose the concepts at the heart of the mathematical ideas we are learning – our maths is not just about how to ‘do’ a calculation but about developing a deep understanding of maths. These manipulatives are tools to understand the maths, not tools to ‘do’ the maths. We use them throughout the school and for all children – our approach is that ‘we understand the maths because we use manipulatives’. Our children develop confidence to be creative and playful with numbers, seeing some of the ways that maths surrounds all of us.

Useful links:

National Curriculum for maths: National Curriculum Maths Link

Boolean Hub (the south-west region’s ‘hub’ of maths expertise): Boolean Hub Link

NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics): NCETM Link - in particular their explanation of what ‘maths mastery’ means: Maths Mastery Explanation Link

White Rose Maths Hub: White Rose Link

Power Maths: Power Maths Link

 nrich: NRich Link

The study of mathematics, like the Nile, begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.

Charles Caleb Colton