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Outdoor & Environmental Learning

We are passionate about the environment at Wraxall. Our children are courageous advocates for improving their school, their community and the wider world.

Wraxall is a great place to explore the natural world. Surrounded by rolling hills and fields, woodland and farmland we are fortunate to have the countryside on our doorstep. We want the children to appreciate all the amazing experiences that the natural world offers and for them to take responsibility for caring for it and respecting its impact on our lives. We build environmental and outdoor learning into our curriculum and see it as a key part of our enrichment offer.

Gardening at Wraxall

Our children are green fingered and active growers at Wraxall. Planting and growing a range of plants, vegetables and fruit they demonstrate compassion and responsibility as they care for them. The children then use their entrepreneurial skills to sell the produce grown, with the money reinvested into growing more!


Establishing Habitats

We are eager to encourage environmental diversity and every child in the school has helped to construct a Minibeast Hotel in the school grounds. The children have loved exploring the wide range of bugs, minibeasts and insects that have made it their home. They know to be compassionate and respectful of the environment around them. We have several bird nests and habitats in the school grounds and there is never a dull moment when the blue tits hatch from their nest in the Reception playground.


Forest Schools

We are soon to begin a programme of Forest Schools learning within our local community. This will see the children enjoying the local wonders of Wraxall and exploring the natural world. We are fortunate to be surrounded by fields, countryside and woodland and we feel grateful for this and want to give back. As part of this we are looking to support local rewilding projects and tree planting.


National Outdoor Learning Day

The children enjoy taking part in National Outdoor Learning Day, be that through outdoor games, census counting, poetry, sensory walks and forest school activities including art and sculpture. We like to celebrate our local environment and make our children aware of their local environment and the opportunities within it.


'30 Days Wild'

Every June we take part in the '30 Days Wild' initiative with the children trying different activities outdoors during the month of June. We even managed to enjoy this during lockdown 2020! This year we made sculptures, constructed bug homes, sketched the clouds, went on a 'wild' scavenger hunt and wrote poems.