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Picture a school where the children are inspired to aim high and believe that their dreams are achievable because they will have developed the skills and knowledge needed. They have the confidence to challenge themselves because they know that their mistakes will only make them stronger. They will flourish and become all that they aspire to be.

Picture a school where the children are nurtured to be the best that they can be. They know that school is a safe and inclusive place because they have seen that all are welcomed and cared for. They will show compassion in all that they do and will make society a kinder place for all.

Picture a school where the children are celebrated for being unique individuals who together form a strong and united team. They become active and creative citizens who will achieve amazing things throughout their lives and develop a better future for all.

This intent will be implemented by following a comprehensive scheme of work from Reception to Year Six called Jigsaw, which incorporates British Values, Health Education and Relationships and Sex Education within a mindful approach. Teaching strategies are varied and all children are supported through differentiation. It is a whole school approach with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time. It is tailored to the physical and emotional maturity of pupils. However, whilst utilising this curriculum teachers are always responsive to the needs of their class.

In addition to this, wherever possible close links are made between our values, worship and PHSE curriculum. Classes may use circle times or have guest speakers in to address aspects of PHSE.

Children are given opportunities to learn about rights and responsibilities they have towards themselves, the school and the global community. Our school is committed to learning about Global Goals.

Children’s wellbeing and mental health is embedded in school life through class check-ins, assemblies on mental health and having a dedicated wellbeing week in the summer term. Having a growth mindset is encouraged in all aspects of learning which reinforces skills needed for a healthy lifestyle. Children’s emotional intelligence and resilience is built by giving them strategies to self-regulate. Their sense of self-worth is developed by encouraging them to play a positive role in school life and the wider community though joining a committee, club, peer mediating, taking on a House Captain role, singing at Time for Tea or helping to fundraise. Achievements and successes are celebrated and rewarded through Value Champions, Stars of the Week, work marks and conduct marks.

There are cross curricular links with literacy in speaking and listening and reading and writing tasks. When learning about how their bodies change, there is overlap with science. In a world of diverse beliefs, attitudes and values, RE and PHSE help children consider how they see themselves and others, how they show respect for all and how to remain open minded in their questioning and learning. Both subjects can give a sense of appreciation and wonder. In DT children learn how to keep their bodies healthy through a varied balanced diet and through learning to cook. In PE children learn about the importance of exercise for a healthy lifestyle. 

The impact of this will be happy, resilient and confident individuals who are able to understand an ever changing world and have the skills necessary to take an active and meaningful role in their community and manage their life and relationships effectively within our democratic society.

Long Term Plan