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Welcome to Wraxall CofE Primary school.

Picture a school at the heart of the community, surrounded by nature and where the children can’t wait to arrive in the morning because they know that they will experience the excitement and joy of learning.

Picture a school where the children are inspired to aim high and believe that their dreams are achievable because they will have developed the skills and knowledge needed. They have the confidence to challenge themselves because they know that their mistakes will only make them stronger. They will flourish and become all that they aspire to be.

Picture a school where the children are nurtured to be the best that they can be. They know that school is a safe and inclusive place because they have seen that all are welcomed and cared for. They will show compassion in all that they do and will make society a kinder place for all.

Picture a school where the children are celebrated for being unique individuals who together form a strong and united team. They become active and creative citizens who will achieve amazing things throughout their lives and develop a better future for all.

Picture Wraxall Church of England Primary School – Inspiring, Nurturing, Achieving

Our school is a happy place to be. Children thrive in the amazing rural surroundings and with the high-quality provision available for them and flourish in an environment where they are celebrated as individuals and are known by all in the school community. We are a family school and work together to enable your children to shine and be the best that they can be.

We seek to inspire the children to aim high and motivate them to do their best at all times. We pride ourselves on the quality of the relationships between children, parents and staff. It is these positive relationships that help to nurture the children as they develop as learners. We also celebrate as the children achieve in all areas of the curriculum, in their personal development and in their extra-curricular interests.

We are passionate about enrichment and broadening our children's horizons. There are lots of opportunities available throughout the year to give children a wide range of enriching experiences from theatre trips, inspirational speakers, visits from experts in their field, museum trips and outdoor learning visits. Community is very important to us and we have a close working relationship with the church, local volunteers and the wider community. We are particularly eager for our children to have a positive impact on the wider world. They are active global ambassadors working to improve the lives of those in our country and beyond. This is through fundraising, volunteering and environmental projects. We want our children to leave a positive legacy and to feel empowered to make decisions in their own lives.

Children are active learners at Wraxall. They have the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities as Pupil Governing Body, School Council Reps, Global Champions, librarians, assembly monitors and they are involved in decision making through class discussions. They provide peer-support both in personal social development and academic.

Our approach to teaching and learning encourages children to be confident learners who choose to challenge themselves. They are able to work both independently and in collaboration with others and make a positive contribution to the wider world.

I feel very fortunate to lead such a welcoming and positive school.

Please contact the school office if you would like any further information or to arrange a visit.

We look forward to hearing from you,

 Amy Townsend, (BA, PGCE)


“The seeds sown in good soil” Mark 4: 13-20